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Rogers Rent-a-Buck Loan Service
We buy and sell; as well as provide Cash loans on gold, diamond, platinum and other types of jewelry. We are licensed and regulated by Massachusetts State Law. If you need a short time loan come
in for a free Estimate.

Contact: Jeffrey Bertman
Rogers Jewelry
1402 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169



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A Public Service Announcement

As your local jeweler since 1960, Rogers wants
to advise their customers and friends:

Be wary of outfits at hotels, home parties,
or unscrupulous businesses trying to buy your old gold and jewelry at bargain prices.

With gold at record prices, be sure to demand the right price for your merchandise.

We pay more.
Shop around and then see us.

Wherever you go, insist on full value.

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Welcome to Rogers Jewelry
1402 Hancock Street  •  Quincy, MA 02169  •  617.773.3636